Designing rooms for kids

With kids spending more and more time at home, its nice to give them a space that feels like their own.  Designing rooms for your little ones bring us more joy than you can imagine.  They have big personalities, creative imaginations, and when they love something…they show it! So why wouldn’t their bedrooms reflect that.

However, our kids grow up and they go in and out of phases. So while it’s important to reflect their ideas when it comes to designing, you want to make sure you aren’t creating more work for yourself as time moves forward.

With all that being said, we thought it would be helpful to compile some really easy tips to help you create fun kids’ rooms that will grow with them.


This room might look like there is lots of color going on, but the trick is we left all the bones very neutral and simple.  All the walls were painted in a soft neutral grey and our wallpaper is a pale geometric pattern. Our main pop of color is a triangular color blocked box valence, that can easily be re-upholstered when the rooms needs a re-fresh down the road.  Once your youngster is ready for their teenage bed, you can switch out the bed, bedding and pillows for something more fitting of their current style.


You may want to take your child’s’ current passion and overload their bedrooms with it, but we recommend keeping it simple! No one wants to spend days peeling 100 Minion decals off the wall once they bore of that theme. Again, we like to keep the shell of the room neutral and add those pops of theme/color in smaller doses. In the room below we chose a black feature wall with a hand painted moon that can be easily painted over. The astronaut suits can be swapped out with a hockey jersey or a guitar depending on what inspires them next!


If you’ve got a teenager in your midst…you are likely seeing a whole lot of personality shining through, and style is everything when you are a teenager. Am I right!?!  They collected treasures throughout the years, they’ve figured out what they like and don’t like… and they don’t need moms help anymore. But without guidance things could get messy.  We designed this room for the teenager that wants to travel the world!  Mixing old with new, textures and patterns, and keeping it cozy enough to still lie on the floor with friends and listen to music.

Again, there’s simple yet impactful ways to reflect your kids design style and these are just a few of them! Let us know if you like this blog post by either commenting below or liking our most recent Instagram post reflecting this blog!

Talk soon and hope you’re all enjoying the sun!! 🙂

The DE Team

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